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Undoubtedly, studying abroad is one of the most enriching experiences that you can have. There are many reasons why it is a good idea to study in  another country like – Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK, USA, Ireland, Europe, Hong kong.

Do not be afraid to leave your country, Build your bag and get to know new places. Immigration Mitra – Study abroad consultants are specialized in all kind of study abroad services like-Educational Counseling, Course Selection, University Selection, Offers letters & Admissions in Universities/Colleges, Visa Assistance, Scholarship  Assistance, Study Abroad Loan Assistance,  Pre Departure and Post Arrival Services,  Airport Assistance, Accommodation Services, Part-Time Job Guidance, Psychometric testing, Entrance Exams-IELTS & PTE Coaching Classes, Registration for Entrance and English tests, Immigration assistance. Our main objective is to make easy what seems difficult to study abroad.

Why one should pursue education from abroad:-

Traveling abroad will add value to your cv and will help you grow as a person. Living in another nation is a great opportunity to perfect or master a second language and is the main reason why young people decide to travel to be educated in another place.

Study Abroad Consultants and their benefits:-

Study in abroad processes is always more and more complicated and complex, which motivates many candidates to hire the services of Education professional to receive advice.
A Study Abroad consultant helps students to get admission in overseas countries like Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and many other countries. Education consultant helps students on each difficulty step by step……

  1. Country information according to course, work and other future facilities
  2. University and college selection,
  3. Course selection according to last qualification and future growth
  4. Help in the admission process and submitting all kind of Applications forms.
  5. Help in scholarship and how to write an effective sop to get help in their favorite college/university.
  6. Help in every step of the visa process.

Best countries for Study and Work:

Study in Australia: People leaving for the ” Australia – Work and Study ” program on the basis of a student visa can legally work 20 hours a week during the course, and in the holiday season without restrictions. A work permit is obtained together with a visa. Our resident in Sydney advises on finding a job offer.
The average annual remuneration of the participants of the “Australia – work and study” program is 25 – 35 thousand. AUD, students work mainly in gastronomy, hospitality, and services. The unemployment rate in Australia is only 6% and there are many vacancies in many areas.

Benefits of study in Australia:

  • Excellent quality of life
  • Low rates of unemployment and poverty
  • The quality of the education system
  • It is a very safe country

Study in Canada: In this country, the average net income adjusted for each family per capita, according to the OECD, is higher than the average (23 938 USD) per year. Besides that, more than 72% of persons aged 15 to 64 years have worked paid and stable.

  • Ranked as the Number One Country in the World
  • Pleasant and Hospitable Environment
  • A Safe Place to Study
  • A Highly Technician Country

Study in New Zealand: Working in New Zealand will be easy if you have education and qualifications in selected fields. Education Department of New Zealand does not hide the fact that work in New Zealand is waiting and even immediately if you have qualifications in selected areas of the economy.

Study abroad consultants

Study in the USA: Winner by the criterion of better salaries leads by a fairly high difference among the other members. Regarding the score in this only topic, this country obtained a rating of 10.0 from the Organization

Study in the UK: In the UK, there has been a situation where the number of jobs exceeds

ds the number of people willing to take them. According to the analyses prepared by the REC, this trend has been sustained for a long time. The demand for work in April was the largest in the last 16 months

Germany: The salaries offered by German employers are currently comparable to those that can be obtained, for example, in Great Britain. German employers value Indian employees and offer them high salaries.

We offer many other countries like – Ireland, Singapore, Dubai, and all European countries.

Advantages that a Study Abroad Consultant can bring

Education Plan
They help in the evaluation of your profile and preparation of a personalized Education plan for you and your family, taking into account your qualification and current situation.
Clarify Doubts
Clarify all your doubts about Education processes
Speed and Safety

Time economy and more agility in the process, since you are going to receive all the information from an official and updated source, instead of having to do extensive (and not always reliable) research on the internet.

We Mitra Study abroad consultant helps you to from your visa process to till you reach the destination.

Immigration Mitra – Best Study Abroad Consultants services:-

Immigration Mitra provide service to clients who have doubts about their Education, Admission, college/ course, residence, citizenship, and other procedures
If you are in the middle of the Education process and have a question to ask the Education service, manage the Admission /visa process, we Immigration Mitra services are here to help you.
We are at your service to help you navigate the complex Education system and ensure that you and your family members obtain the Education immigration benefits for which you are eligible. We offer a wide variety of legal Education and immigration services for low-income people, from family petitions and protections for underage immigrants and victims of crime to deferred action and others.

Why choose Immigration Mitra-  Study Abroad consultants?

As the best study abroad consultants in Delhi & Noida have an expert team who have complete knowledge about all the aspect of study abroad and our team is always ready to guide you about all service related to study visa.

    • Custom presentation instructions
    • Easy-to-use self-service form assistant
    • 24/7 customer service
    • We are always ready to solve all your complicated questions related to Education process
    • Free eligibility tests
    • Help in IELTS
    • Help you how you can avoid the mistake during your Education process
    • Digital access for your complete forms.

It is important to note that an Education consultant cannot offer advice or any other legal service that a lawyer could provide, such as representing a client in an Education proceeding.

Services offered by us:

The Education services offered include

    • Visa assistance
    • Obtaining a work permit;
    • Obtaining a temporary residence permit and a residence card;
    • Registration of the stay of an EU citizen;
    • Obtaining a permanent residence permit;
    • Preparation of invitations;
    • Preparation of a declaration of intention to entrust work;
    • Support in the event of an audit of legal stay/work of foreign

It is important to note that an Education consultant cannot offer advice or any other legal service that an immigration lawyer could provide, such as representing a client in an Education proceeding. Immigration Mitra- Study abroad consultants have expert immigration lawyer and education counselor team to help for all study abroad & legal service for migration.

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