Quebec Skilled Worker

Quebec Skilled Worker

Among the 13 provinces in Canada, Quebec occupies a unique niche. It is the only province in Canada to have a predominantly French Immigration Quebec Skilled Worker Programspeaking population. In fact, it is almost recognized as a separate nation within Canada. That is the reason why the Express Entry Program of the

department of immigration also has a separate segment called Quebec Skilled Worker, under which an applicant can apply for permanent residence in Canada. Apart from 5000 permanent workers, Quebec also takes in 1900 businesspeople every year. The cap of 5000 also has a sub cap of 1300 for China. The first step to apply for immigration under this category is to apply to the government of Quebec. They have their own set of rules to determine eligibility and will assess the applicant using those guidelines.
The criteria used to judge the quality of applicants are education, training, work experience, age and linguistic skills. Additionally, prior stay in Quebec, job offer in hand, details of spouse or common law partner, number of children under the age of 22 who will accompany the applicant, and financial self sufficiency are the other factors considered.

The education needed is at a level which is equivalent to a Quebec diploma. Only education certifications completed before the date of application is considered. For skills training, the training taken must be part of the list declared by the Government of Quebec. For work
experience, any work experience in the last 5 years before making the application would be considered. The work experience should match any of the occupations listed under 0, A, B or C of the National Occupation Classification, and category D occupations do not qualify. Quebec being predominantly French speaking, the list of tests of language contains mostly French ones – TEFAC, TCF-Quebec, TEF, TEF Canada, TCF, DELF and DALF. Additionally, scores on the IELTS for English are also considered. For financial self sufficiency the minimum funds that a single applicant with no children must have at his disposal is $3135, and it goes up to a maximum of $5966 for a family of 2 adults and 3 children.

Post application, there are a few other things to be taken care of by the applicant. This includes police verifications and medical examinations. Once all the above criteria are fulfilled and the application is granted, you are ready to move into Quebec and start your work and life there.

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