Nova Scotia PNP

Nova Scotia PNP

Canada has a well documented immigration policy for those who wish to immigrate to stay and work in Canada. As part of this process, the ministry of immigration also offers an Express Entry program, where certain applicants who have better qualifying conditions have their application fast tracked. One aspect of this express entry is the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) under which certain provinces of Canada can select immigrants directly or nominate them after scrutiny.

Of the 13 provinces in Canada, there are 4 which form Atlantic Canada – New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Nov Scotia.  Nova Scotia is one of the 3 maritime provinces of Canada. It has a separate PNP program which can help speed up the application of a prospective Express Entry applicant.
The PNP Certification is granted to five kinds of applicants – entrepreneurs, international graduate entrepreneurs, skilled workers, Nova Scotia Demand and Nova Scotia Experience. Depending on which of these 5 categories the applicant falls under, the process would be different.

PNP Nova Scotia Express Entry

Entrepreneur – this category is meant for applicants who are businessmen with experience or senior business managers. This category is only by invitation, and one can’t apply if not invited. Applicants would be invited for permanent residence after operating the business successfully for
a year.

International Graduate Entrepreneur – For a student who has completed his or her education in any University or Community College of Nova Scotia, and then run a Nova Scotia business for at least a year, this category permits them to apply for Nova Scotia PNP certification. Again, only invited applicants can apply under this stream.

Skilled Worker – An experienced worker or a recent graduate of a foreign country can apply for PNP certification under this country, provided the Nova Scotia employer who has made the job offer is able to prove that they were unable to fill that vacancy from among Nova Scotia residents.

Nova Scotia Demand – This stream is for highly skilled foreign nationals who wish to stay and work in Nova Scotia permanently. Applications can only be made online, and only certain occupations which have high demand in Nova Scotia are considered for this stream.

Nova Scotia Experience – This stream has similar criteria to Nova Scotia Demand, but the only difference is that the applicants under this stream must already have at least a year of working in Nova Scotia at the time of making the application.

Once applicants under any of the above streams receive PNP Certification, they have 6 months within which they must apply for permanent residence.

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