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Students aspiring for higher education have always sought out universities in the US and UK, but of late the visa regulations here have become tighter, leading to many students not being able to get their opportunities. That is why Canada has emerged as a viable destination for students wanting to study abroad.

Canada Education Consultants: Why study Canada?

Degrees awarded by Canadian Universities are considered at part with those awarded in the US and UK. One of the unique aspects of post-graduation education in Canada is the focus on research, rather than theoretical learning, which makes the degree highly valued all over the world. Canada is a great place to live in (having consistently been ranked very high by the United Nations on the basis of political security and social equality. A degree in Canada opens up doors for you to seek permanent residency (PR) in Canada and also apply for jobs there. Even otherwise, if you do not wish to get a PR, you could opt for a 3 years’ work permit after completion of your post- graduation. And finally, the overall expenses you incur (including tuition fees and living expenses) are much lower compared to other popular destinations for higher studies. These are some reasons for the soaring popularity of Canada as an education destination.

Canada Education Consultants : How Much Would It Cost?

Considering a rough estimate of 50 INR per Canadian dollar, the average tuition fees range from INR 5 lakhs to INR 10 lakhs. Add to that the average living expenses of around INR 6 lakhs per annum, and you come to a total annual expense of less than INR 17 lakhs, which is way below the average costs in other countries, and in fact also lower than the cost of several universities in India.

Canada Education Consultants in Delhi & NoidaInternational students (including those from India) can apply for fellowships, graduate assistantship, or even sports scholarships which would grant them aid to cover part of their tuition fees. There are also avenues for part-time work inside the universities and also outside, so you can defray some of your living expenses.

Canada Education Consultants : How and When To Apply?

Just like the US universities, most colleges and universities of Canada follow the Spring and Fall cycles for admissions – Spring in January May & September, If you want to apply for an undergraduate course, PostGraduate then contact us. The Fall admissions usually ask for applications to be submitted between October and March, while the Spring cycle requires applications to be sent in by mid-October. All applications are to be made online on the university websites.
If you are applying for an undergraduate course, then your official mark sheets of Standards 10, 11 and 12 need to be sent in sealed and stamped envelopes by your school. You also need to submit a Statement Of Purpose (SOP) and get at least 2 recommendation letters from your school teachers.

For postgraduate courses, the recommendations from your teachers/professors need to be accompanied by at least one employer recommendation letter if you have any work experience prior to applying. The requirements of SOPs and sealed transcripts of marks from yours. University remains the same, and additionally, you need to provide your resume, and also write some essays if the applications team asks you to.

Canada Education Consultants : accommodations When You Are There

In case you do not get accommodation on campus, there are home stays and rented accommodations available outside university campus. The homestays can give you a taste of family life while you are away from home, and would cost about INR 50000 per month. The college union usually provides all kinds of help for the initial few days, like setting up bank accounts, getting mobile phones and SIM cards, options for part time work etc.

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