What is IELTS and its Modules

IELTS stands for – International English Language Testing System is an international standardized test that is used for people who wants to migrate to English countries for multiple reasons like higher education and for Permanent Resident/work.

Any candidate can appear in this test & this test has been given 3 times in a month.

It’s mutually managed by Cambridge Assessment English, British Council and IDP: IELTS Australia, the test is accepted as a standard by countless education institutes around the globe.

IELTS is acceptable by universal & international universities & colleges Like Australia, New Zealand, Canada UK, USA & European countries.

Type of IELTS Exam:-

Being the world’s most popular English language assessment test, it comes in two flavors – IELTS General and IELTS Academic. Both the versions of the test examine the listening, reading, writing and speaking ability of the test taker.

The IELTS Academic– IELTS Academic is exactly what it says – a standardized English language test primarily aimed at people pursuing higher education at a tertiary level. & its quite easy test for everyone if you compare with any other English test

The IELTS General – on the other hand, is geared towards people want to train, work, & study at a secondary school or migrates to a different country, Ielts general is required.

The test taker takes all the four modules in both the tests, but the level of difficulty and the variety varies with the test flavor.


Difference between IELTS Academic and IELTS General

Questions after hearing four main sections. Each of this section will introduce the speaker to host of scenarios that are common in their respective field, be it academic or general. People have thirty minutes plus ten minutes to transfer the answers to complete the module.

The reading module of IELTS – People attempting the IELTS The academic test will cover reading passages from a variety of books, journals, and texts while the IELTS General test features simpler issues from newspapers, magazines, and notices. People have one hour to complete the module.

The writing module of the IELTS Academic – test requires the test taker to complete two tasks. The first one requires the test taker to describe a table, chart, graph or a diagram in words while the second one focuses on the discussion of a problem. One is required to either present arguments, solutions or justify opinions of the problem statement stated in the question. 

IELTS General writing module – the General also has two tasks with the first on being a letter and the second one is an essay on a general topic. Like the reading module, people have one hour to complete the writing module. 

The speaking module- speaking module is quite similar in both the tests with the test takers having an interview, a one-minute speech and a discussion. Test takers give you topic & you have to speak on the above topic and interviewer can ask you more about the same topic. All these three tasks happen with an interviewer.

Listening module of IELTS- The academic test and general listening the test is the same because the test is all about listening and the student has to show that he can listen and understand English well so the device played the listening module is the same.

IELTS Bands Score

There is no minimum score for the IELTS exam and the test takers are given bands based on their performance with 9 being excellent and 0 beings ‘Did not attempt the test.’ Generally, quite a lot of tertiary institutes require a score of 6.5 to be admitted to the program.

9Expert user
8Very good user
7Good user
6Competent user
5Modest user
4Limited user
3Extremely limited user
2Intermittent user


The Overall Band Score is that the average of the four element scores rounded to the closest whole or a half band. The element scores square measure weighted equally.


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