Read about IELTS and its Modules

IELTS and it's modules
IELTS and it’s modules

IELTS – The full form of International English Testing System is the most approved process by which
the candidates are certified for their lingual skills of English viz. Listening, Reading, Writing and
Speaking skills. This test ensures the capability of candidate’s English language so that one can easily
get familiar with the native speakers of English country and is ready to understand and mingle easily
and no matter whether the candidate is going for the higher studies or is willing to emigrate
permanently to English speaking country. Thus, IELTS is a proven certification where one needs to
certify about lingual skills. Moreover, IELTS is not only acceptable for moving other country but it
adds one more feather to their credentials while in the workplace, It works as a tool for promotions
or getting good prospects in the job. These exams are conducted, evaluated and processed by ESOL
Examinations, British Council and IDP Education.

Module: This Test comprises of two modules as the aspirants willing to study abroad for higher
studies opt for Academic Test whereas the aspirants willing to emigrate English speaking country
opt for General training module.

Exam Format: This exam has four sections viz. Listening, Reading, Writing Speaking. The test is held
on two days. The Listening, Reading, and writing are conducted on the same day and the time duration is
2 hours 45 min. There will be no break during the exam. The speaking test will be conducted a week
before or after. This test will be for 12-15 mins. This test is conducted verbally.
Difference between Academic and General Training IELTS: The aspirants who are willing to go for
higher education in English countries need to appear for Academic IELTS and the Aspirants who are
willing to emigrate in English countries need to appear for General Training IELTS.

Benefits: Appearing for IELTS Exam has arrays of benefits. As the candidate who has appeared for
the exam need not to prove his lingual skills either one is in his own country or English speaking
country. IELTS evaluates the proficiency of Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking and conclusively
test taker will improve in the English language as one will need to rigorously practice for all the four
sections like Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. It is an International Test and the candidate
will be provided with the certificate which is widely recognized and acceptable across the globe.
IELTS undoubtedly builds confidence and gives a new persona to a candidate. It diminishes the lingual
barrier and one easily understand gets familiar with the accent, tone of the native speakers of English

Who accepts the IELTS Test? IELTS is not only taken by the aspirants who are planning to move abroad
either for higher education or emigrating overseas but the candidates who are in their own country
too, appear for the test as it adds a good point and helps in their profession. It surely adds a
feather to their credentials n it boosts them up.

  • April 15, 2019
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