Australia Point System

Australia Point System

In Australia, the permanent migration is highly controlled with a limited number of visas issued per year. Out of the total number of visas issued, two-thirds are for skilled migration and the remaining are for the family and philanthropists. Permanent skilled visas are of two types: employer-sponsored and independent. Applicants, not possessing sponsorship from their employer, have to submit an expression of interest with SkillSelect, which is an online point system that evaluates the candidates on the basis of the information provided like age, education and work experience.

The candidate has to take up an occupation listed in the Skilled Occupation list and is then evaluated by the authorities as to having the required skills for that particular occupation. Australia’s SkillSelect helps the state and territory governments to select an extremely skilled candidate for a visa.

Let’s understand how does the point test work
The applicant is awarded points over some factors specified by the migration regulations. The factors included are:

Age requirements
The applicants must be under 50 years of age. Those who fall between the age of 25 to 32 years, gets around 30 points while those in the age group of 45 to 49 years get zero points.

English Language Proficiency
The applicants must exhibit a basic expertise in English. The points are awarded on the basis of whether the language skills are gauged as “proficient”.

Educational Qualifications and Work experience
The remaining points can be obtained from the cadidate’s qualifications and work experience. This also takes into account other factors such as secondary education and whether the applicant’s partner fulfils some of the educational requirements. If the applicant has previously worked or studied in regional parts of Australia, then he can gain some more points.

Some visa subclasses requires sponsorship from employer, relative or from state or territory government. If the applicant is without any sponsorship, his occupation should be from the Skilled Occupation list. Those applicants who receive an invitation from State or Territory Government agency of Australia are rewarded with some additional points.

Strengths of this system
This system ensures that the finest and the brightest international candidates are allotted the visas which in turn aids the Government of Australia to have a control on the economy. For a long-term economic growth of a particular part, the government can have a control on economic migration.

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