Australia Employer’s nomination Visa Scheme subclass186

Australia Employer’s nomination Visa Scheme subclass186

The Australia Employer’s nomination Visa Scheme Subclass 186 is for those people who are trained and based in any foreign country, or the emporary residents who could be working or involved in a job and staying since a particular time, in Australia. The Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) visa is one of the subcategories of recruiter-sponsored visas. The primary task for the job seeker is to find an organization that is keen to put in efforts and time for the candidates and get them travel to the country. The aspirants can apply for the permit only after they have received the sponsorship ornomination from any recruiter in Australia.Employer Nomination Scheme Subclass
What are the ENS Subclass 186 categories?
There are three different categories of the ENS Subclass 186 visa.

  1. Temporary Residence Transition Stream: This is for the holders of subclass 457 permits who have been professionally involved with Australia for a minimum of 2 years and have the recruiter’s interest for full-time employment.
  2. Direct Entry Stream: This is for those people who have (even for a short span of time) been professionally involved in the labour market in Down Under. Such candidates must have the nomination from their firms or recruiters.
  3. Agreement Category: The aspirants in this category have the sponsorship from an Australian-based recruiter via any regional or other labour migration agreement.

What are the key requirements for the ENS Subclass 186 visa?

  1. The aspirants should be under 50 years of age and should pass the tests involving proficiency in English language requirements.
  2. The candidates should have sponsorship or nomination from an Australia based firm.
  3. The candidate should have cleared all the qualifications required for the job.
  4. The petition should be filed only through the category for which they received the nomination.

There are some relaxations regarding age and qualifications for some candidates. However, these mainly depend on the job type, employment wages and the previous experience. Those who owe some money to the nation’s regime need to clear the overdue amount before applying for the permit.
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