Australia Child Visa subclass 802/101

Australia Child Visa Subclass 802/101

Australia Child Visa subclass 802/101

Overview of the Institution
Subclass 802/101 of Australia child visa is predominantly for the children of the immigrants residing in the Kangaroo land. As per the provision, the parents can sponsor their children to live in Australia. One has to ensure, before applying for this kind of visa, that the child has not applied for any other visa.
Who all are suitable to acquire the subclass 802/101?

    • At the time of the application, the child has to be in Down Under.
  • The parents have to sponsor the child. In case of parents who are estranged , the new spouse or partner of the parent may sponsor the child.
  • The child, for whom this visa is sort, must be below 18 years of age. Only if the child is not having a job in Australia then in such exceptional cases, the age 18 to 25 years is considered.
  • Single child of parents sharing a de facto relationship, who is not married or engaged.

As in this kind of immigration, it has been noticed that many immigrants take advantage of the ambiguities; the person should fulfil any of the following parameters to be categorized as an eligible parent:

  • The person should be a citizen of Australia.
  • The person should possess Australian PR status.
  • The person should be a qualified citizen of New Zealand.
  • The person sponsoring the child should be the biological parent of the child.

After the above parameters are ensured to be fulfilled, the following parameters must also be met:

  • The law of the child’s host country must sanction the child’s transfer.
  • The person having the guardianship of the child should provide the person who is sponsoring the child with a written consent.
  • The character requirements should be fulfilled by the sponsor.
  • The child should be provided with ample and sufficient accommodation.
  • The child should be supported and guided to settle in the Kangaroo Land.
  • The person will have to assist the child if the child needs lessons to learn the expertise and skilfulness of the language.
  • If the child is not able to fulfil the prerequisites led down by the norms of immigration, the sponsor should be truthful and straight forward enough to report it to the immigration department.

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