Study in SwitzerlandThe name Switzerland brings up images of snowcapped mountains and beautiful pine forests, and that is why it is among the most popular destinations for tourists from all over the world. In recent times, though, Switzerland has been making its mark in the field of education as well, with students signing up for an array of courses offered here. Historically, Switzerland has been well known for the courses it offers in hospitality, but now the 12 universities of Switzerland have geared themselves up to provide world class courses in other areas as well. 21% of all students in Swiss Universities are international students, so there must be a reason why.

Why Choose Switzerland?
Although German, French and Italian are the most common languages spoken in Switzerland, yet most of the Masters’ courses taught here have English as their medium of instruction, so foreign students (including Indians) would not have too much difficulty. The number of undergraduate courses taught in English is also increasing slowly, especially courses which deal with applied sciences. The second big reason to choose Switzerland is that in its efforts to improve the quality of education, the government is pouring huge resources into the education system. As a result, the fees for Swiss nationals are very low, and most universities also charge similar (or maybe marginally higher) fees from foreign students as well. As you will see in the subsequent paragraph, the living costs in Switzerland are pretty steep, but the tuition fees are unbelievably low.
How Much Would It Cost?
Annual costs for tuitions could be as low as INR 60000, and go up to INR 90000 a year, but some colleges do charge higher fee. Even then, if we take the example of University of Italian Switzerland, which is one the costliest colleges, the annual fees wouldn’t go beyond INR 3 lakhs a year. You could work part time for up to 15 hours per week without a work permit, which would help you cover some of your expenses. Scholarships are also available for meritorious students. Then we come to your out of campus living expenses, like food, house rent, medicines etc., for which the costs are pretty steep. Your room rent itself could be as high INR 45000 a month on sharing basis. You need to look out for which universities offer subsidized accommodation in their campuses, and speak to the housing office there to see if can get allotment there.
How and When To Apply?
Each field of study at every University has different schedules for submission of applications, since there is no centralized agency governing admissions. Our consultants will help you with specific dates. You will need to be proficient in any of the three common languages spoken in Switzerland (French, German and Italian) if you wish to pursue a non-English course. Your transcripts need to be submitted with all details of subjects studied, and some universities also ask for a resume and a Statement of Purpose. Letters of recommendations will help your application, although you might need to translate them from English before submission.
Some Of The Best Swiss Institutions
This is a list of some of the best institutes you can apply to, along with their rankings :
EPF Lausanne – 12
ETH Zurich – 10
University of Basel – 139
University of Bern – 166
University of Geneva – 98
University of Lausanne – 146
University of Zurich – 73
How We Can Help You
Because of some constraints in language, you might find it difficult to understand the dates, procedures and documentary requirements. Our team will help you get a clear picture of the requirements, and also help you through the whole process, from selection of courses and institutes to putting your application in correctly and on time, and finally also help set you up after you have arrived.

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