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Best Immigration and Study Abroad Consultant in India

Welcome to Immigration Mitra

Immigration Mitra of Education unites under one rooftop an extensive variety of worldwide expert and professional capabilities through its cutting edge, best in class showing focuses, deliberately situated the nation over. It offers fascinating and creative projects mixed with mechanical experience and down to earth application that will engage the scholastic group and in addition to a scope of different parts in the commercial center.
We at Immigration Mitra are a dependable and quickly developing Immigration Consultant. Service in India. We give the modified movement answers for the migration competitors over the length and broadness of India and the world. We have a committed group of qualified movement specialists, with aptitude in the visa and migration methods of the nations, i.e. Canada, Australia and Honk Kong.

Global Immigration and Education Services



We give broad direction to our customers to enable them to secure visas to their coveted nation and this has made us the most trusted migration advisors around the world.

Study Abroad

For many Indian students aspiring for high quality education in the field they choose, study abroad Immigration Mitra prove great.


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Societies, religion, and whole ways of life contrast from individual to singular, association to association and country to country. In any case, Ethics alone essentially is general


Learning is boundless and is unquestionably not accessible at the insignificant snap of the mouse caught. Just investigate the psyches of individuals surrounding us and be astounded.


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All the phenomenal levels of administration learning and thoughts can’t make up for the earnest responsibility regarding duties beforehand made.

Efficiency and support

In any business, with exactness comes the confirmation that everybody associated including your esteemed clients is cheerful. Precision and Assurance are the key elements of a reasonable play.


Trust can’t be communicated as a money related esteem. Be that as it may, in sufficiently basic duties regarding convey every one of the expectations without fall flat. Building trust is the sole and beyond any doubt shot approach to progress.

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Immigration Question & News

Any permanent residency applications, regardless of which class you apply, take nearly 6-12 months to be fingered.

• When you are applying for the Australia immigration, you must be under 45
• English proficiency is necessary to work in Australia.
• The health assessment- the entire applicant must go through a medical examination and must be in a good state of health.
• The applicant must nominate any skill or occupation of their choice.
• A good character assessment is also required.

A good consultancy will always give you the best and the proper guidance about the immigration process in a hassle free manner. Immigration Mitra is the consultancies which take care of all your grievances and provide all the support throughout the application process.

• The birth certificate of the applicant.
• Photograph of the applicant.
• Police clearance certificate.
• Passport and other travels documents
• The work experience of the applicant if any or the Letter of Recommendation.

• If any document you submit not in Canada official language English or French than the applicant must provide the original translations and affidavits confirmed by the translator.

Some key points to define yes it is right to migrate to Canada:-
• Canada immigration rules are not as difficult as other countries. It is the biggest migration funding center for all.
• Canada offers a vast range of immigration and visa programme for the employed, student programme and the majority of this programme also offered permanent resident visa and immigration.
• The health facilities and education are one of the best in the world.
• Provide excellent personal growth opportunities.
• Offers numerous jobs opportunities for the skilled migrants.

Some key points YES, Australia is a good country for work and settles:-
• Australia is a country which beliefs in work-life balance. The strong economy and low unemployment rate, it is a good country to find new jobs opportunities.
• It has great opportunities for study. Australia has the third highest number of International student.
• Australia is also a relatively safe place to live in.
• Working in Australia, students have the right to work 40 hours fortnight.
• The infrastructure, the economy, and the overall development marked Australia a great place for living.

• The key documents must be provided: – The English language proficiency key result and the skill Assessment report by a relevant assessing authority.
• The applicant must choose the right PR visa categories. The categories are subclass 189, subclass 190, and subclass 186.
• The applicant must select a relevant occupation from skilled occupant list.
• The applicant must submit the Expression of Interest in the online skill system of Australia mentioning the profile details: – age, education, work experience etc.The total score must be 60 points.
• The health and character certificate is also an important document.

We give broad direction to our customers to enable them to secure visas to their coveted nation and this has made us the most trusted migration advisors around the world.

Study Abroad Question & News

The cost of studying overseas mainly depends on your education destination and of course the programme. The cost of overseas education includes living cost, transportation etc. The tuition fee will nearly range from $10,000 to $20,000 per year for public academies; private will range between $15,000 to $30,000 and the community colleges cost less than $13,000.

The students working in Australia while studying in a student visa can work maximum 20 hours per. The average income depends on if the student is experienced than 20-30 dollars per hour. And without experience, a student will earn around 15-19 dollars per hour.

The studying aboard means when any students pursue his or her education overseas, other countries except his owns.
There are many benefits to study in abroad:-
• A New experience of learning with new teaching style.
• Learning foreign language is always a plus point.
• Learn about new culture and traditions. Exchange of culture and views take place.
• A Wide range of opportunities.
• It also helps with personal developments which turn into lifetime experience.

The requirements for study in abroad are such as-
• The most important the application forms of the university to which the student is applying.
• All the mark sheet of the passed out examinations.
• If you are going through any scholarship or competitive exams like TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT etc. you have to submit the scores along with the application. The test certificate also has a validity date.
• The Statement of Purpose is also an important document to be submitted along with your resume.
• Letter of recommendation is also an important document which creates more chances for you.
• If you have any past experience in any field you can be attached to it.

Choosing a right abroad consultancy is much important during ant migration process. The immigration Mitra is the best abroad consultancy based in Delhi. They give a proper guidance and knowledge about the place and the programme. It helps you out throughout the application process. They are always aware of the current laws and procedure of the places. They always give their best to fulfill aspirants dream.

For a good guidance and detailed information, it’s a good idea to consult a study abroad consultant. The consultant helps you from the admission procedure to get a visa. The consultants are very much helpful when it comes to choosing the right programme or subject. The counselor brief you everything before going to abroad and also discussed with you all the other options available. This will help you to choose the right path without confusion.

• The very first step is to understand the format of IELTS test.
• Get to know the different types of questions that may be asked in each portion.
• Practice the previous year question paper.
• You can buy the IELTS self-study books and paper.
• Improve your English reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills.
• You can also practice with British council IELTS online preparation resource.

The IELTS is a 9 band scale. The minimum of 6.0 score is required in each listening, writing, speaking, reading parts. The overall minimumscore required is 6.5 band.

For many Indian students aspiring for high quality education in the field they choose, study abroad Immigration Mitra prove great.

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Immigration Mitra provide best PR and Study Abroad services.


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